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High School Group WHAM Impresses Audience at the Palladium

By Melody Meng

    When I sat down in the Palladium on September 28, I had set some inaccurately low expectations in my mind. As the night went on, high school group “We Have All Music” proceeded to astound me with a variety of music all composed by members within WHAM, notably Carmel High School senior, founder of the WHAM organization, Brayden Meng. The talent demonstrated by the group of sixty students through solos, duets, quartets, and even full orchestra left a strong impression on every audience member.

    Comments left by listeners demonstrate the power behind each and every piece. “I was so impressed by the level of musicianship and hard work that they showed in the performances!” Becky Sendi, the Director of Orchestras at Creekside Middle School, remarked. “I know they had to work hard to prepare, and their dedication was evident. The depth of the music was touching.” This sentiment was echoed by many others among the spectators. One audience member expressed, “Wonderfully talented musicians. To be that creative is a blessing!”

   Beyond the outstanding music, an essential aspect of WHAM are their student leaders. As an organization, they not only emphasize their dedication to music but also encourage the development of leadership skills. Co-Founder of WHAM Orchestra, Ishaan Singh, worked hard behind the scenes to organize practice locations. "Finding a rehearsal space was really difficult, as we don’t have the funds to rent an official space." He contacted teachers and managed to obtain a practice room days before the concert. Through diligent and untiring enthusiasm, students worked together to find a solution to every hardship. “It was great due to the fact that it wasn’t only a unique opportunity for students in the Carmel community, but also because there was a true showcase of leadership and expectation.” Adam Madni, a violinist of WHAM, says. “It’s a very friendly and inclusive environment, and a way for people who are interested in music to try new things.”

    Along with the endeavors of students, non-profit organizations Indiana Association of Chinese Americans (IACA) and the Melody Culture Foundation are proud sponsors of WHAM, pushing their limits beyond a simple high school gathering by providing opportunities. Through this performance at the Palladium, WHAM impacted numerous individuals and will continue to do so with many more performances in the community.

    Here is the link to the Livestream recording of an unforgettable WHAM concert at Palladium on September 28th:


    Should you wish to contact WHAM for future collaboration, please contact Tina, its outreach coordinator, at with “WHAM” in the subject line.

Reporter: Melody Meng

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